What is „that“ Bitcoin thing?

Well, you can check detailed definition of "what is bitcoin" in fancy words on plenty of internet sites. Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency etc etc. It is quite easy to understand this: bitcoin is „internet cash“.
Currency which you can use for paying for all kind of stuff online, send any amount to your friends or family member via internet the fastest way possible. And as you probably noticed in last few months you can actually play a stock-market gambling game with it as well. People which bought it few years ago for a dollar a piece suddenly realized that each Bitcoin is worth hundreds of dollars. Lucky $*^%! For us beginners the most important thing is that we can use it for free, without any “middle man” (think of credit card/bank charges and control of your cash flow or maybe you don't like Mr. Paypal knowing what you are buying).
You can use it on your home PC, laptop or even mobile phone. Fast. Reliable. Incognito.
You can learn much more about what is Bitcoin here:


That's nice, so now when I know what is bitcoin - how can I start?

You did not visit that link above, right? Understood, the best way to start swimming is being thrown right into deep waters. But dont be so sure you really know what is bitcoin then...
First thing you need (oh, obviously first you really need to read that fancy stuff from link provided above... but... whatever) is your personal wallet. Obvious isn't it? If you want to keep some cash on you - you need a wallet. OK, pocket will do. Same thing. This wallet is a bit special. It will sit on your PC (or mobile phone) for you, anytime ready to work. You can use plenty of wallet providers, some offers “web wallets” which are easy to use and accessible from any location. Some of you would prefer to have your wallet right on your PC so some providers offer software wallets to download. And don't panic it is really easy to instal and use them ever for us bitcoin dummies. Excuse my French. Or you are a crazy teenager which won't leave his/hers mobile away for a second, then there are some wallets just for mobile phones as well. It's up to you to pick the one which suits you most.
Here you can open as many wallets as you want (one for family, one for yourself, one for....)
Web Wallets:
Blockchain Wallet

Software Wallets for your PC:
BitcoinQt (the original one, takes a bit of time to start up - day maybe?)

Mobile phone Wallets: don't be lazy and check your Google/Apple app store!! Like little kids...

I have a wallet!! But it's empty...

That's a problem. I hate empty wallets. So we have to do something about it fast! I believe that times when my salary will be paid in Bitcoins are just behind the corner, but now.. What to do? Well there is an old-fashioned way to actually purchase Bitcoins. Like in currency exchange office. You simply pay for it with your “paper” fiat money (dollars, euro etc). Could be expensive though because at the moment you would have to pay for 1 Bitcoin (lets use that beautiful abbreviation BTC for it) about 600 USD. I don't have it available in my pocket. Do you? If yes just buy it from links provided bellow. Luckily there are good people around which want to sell even the smaller amounts. Like 0.5 or 0.001 BTC. And 0.001 BTC we can afford already, can't we? You need to know a new term: satoshi. It's something like “cents” in USD or EUR. Just a bit smaller. Each satoshi is 0.000 000 01 of BTC (yes, BTC again for you to remember). So you can buy few hundred thousand satoshi. You can afford it. And one more thing: Satoshi with capital S is a name (Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the inventor of Bitcoin). I am feeling like wikipedia already.
In our section "How to get it?" you can find few tips how to fill your empty wallet.